Reflections on Process in Sound

Reflections on Process in Sound is a free online journal edited by Iris Garrelfs. It focuses on sound related activities but also branches out into adjacent territories with the aim to provide a forum where artists can engage in discussions about how they create the work they do, what their practices are influenced by and how their ideas manifest themselves within the final artwork. In short, it puts the spotlight onto process in sound arts practice, from the practitioner’s point of view. Authors retain copyright of their own work and the content is published under a Creative Commons-Attribution License.  You can download a pdf file of each issue  or read it online via the respective issue pages. Issue 4 is planned for later this year.

RopisWireSMRead an article about Reflections on Process in Sound that appeared in The Wire Magazine, September 2014 here.

Commissioning editor: Iris Garrelfs

Designer: Peter Francis Smith

Web editor: Karen Stone