RoPiS 2 cover

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Published: Winter 2013

It has been a long while since the first issue of Reflections on Process in Sound, but, finally, here is the second issue! RoPiS #2 examines process in two ways: Two articles are first person reports making personal process transparent and three articles contain interviews and conversations between artists/ curators.

In the former category falls a reflection by sound artist and photographer Tansy Spinks, providing insights into her process creating site- specific performances, and an annotated journal entry by Maria Papadomanolaki showing this specific facet of process in operation.

In the conversation between Lucia Farinati and Claudia Firth the artists consider process on the cusp of curating and creating. Following on from there Lucia then discusses the process of a specific work, Come una possibilità di incontro on radio bip bop with two of the stations curators, Rita Correddu and Elena Biserna. Both pieces revolve, at least to some degree around Autoritratto by Italian feminist Carla Lonzi. They are companion pieces, with some areas of overlap and some extensions, and highlight a necessity to incorporate relationships into artistic critique. In doing so the authors insert the creative process into the role of the curator, ultimately blurring the line between the creator and critic. Its seems poignant that within sound art, many of its theorists are also artists, for example David Toop, Salome Voegelin, or Brandon LaBelle. Brandon LaBelle was interviewed by Anna Raimondo where  he point out the increasing need of debates about process.